Our Annual PINK PASS Event is Here: Shop for the Soul

Every October, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we show our support with our annual PINK PASS event. We have been supporting breast cancer awareness foundations for over 10 years and are excited to kick off the annual fundraising event in-stores and online.

What is the PINK PASS?  It is a $20.00 pass that our customers can purchase throughout the month of October. The money earned from each sale of the pass is given directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  Once the pass is purchased, it can be redeemed over and over and over in-stores and online to receive 20% off everything at Swoozie’s.

Being an organization of (basically) all women, we are proud to support #BreastCancerAwareness with our 8th annual PINK PASS event.  In addition to supporting a great cause with your purchase, we hope you can Swoo It Forward and give those women you know affected by this disease a hug, a card, a small gift and tell her, Girl You've Got This!