"Hooray" for the Class of 2015!

Graduation season is upon us and that means one thing: Party time! Last week, we showed you how to throw a graduation party with a "happy" theme. This week, we're back with a slightly different theme: "Hooray!" The "hooray!" theme is perfect for a girl who loves vibrant colors, ombre patterns, gold foil, and plenty of sweet treats. 

Once again, our friend Amy from Amy's Party Ideas helped us put together a beautiful party that did not disappoint! Read on to see how to recreate this party on your own.

First things first: You need to send out the invitations. It's always nice to send invitations that match the theme of the party. Use our ombre hooray invitations to ensure your theme is clear and consistent!


Next step: tableware. We love these ombre plates in sizes canapesmall, and large and matching ombre napkins. Keep the theme going by serving cold sodas in ombre drink huggers. 


If you prefer serving drinks in glass mason jars, we have those, too! Just don't forget the striped, festive straws.


Add in some pops of color with our best-selling party bombs in the colors of your choice, our gold foil beverage napkins and stadium cups


Last but certainly not least, make sure your party is stocked with plenty of snacks. We are partial to our favorite chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes from Gigi's bakery, and frosted fortune cookies!


If this graduation party theme isn't your favorite, don't worry - we have plenty more coming your way! Next week, we'll introduce a different party theme on the blog, so stay tuned. And in the meantime, browse the graduation section of our website. Happy party planning!