GUEST BLOG: Never Missing an Opportunity to Celebrate Every Day.

To me, there’s nothing better, nothing more rewarding, than inviting friends - new and old - into my home to celebrate life’s happenings. Hearing the lively chatter, seeing the backdrop of smiling faces, knowing they’re happy because they’ve taken time out to do what matter’s most - celebrate life – just makes my heart full.

Taking the time to have these moments of celebrations and enjoying friends and family is my wish for each of you as well. The Coton Colors brand promise of "never missing an opportunity to celebrate every day" isn't just a phrase to me, but a promise that I try to remember daily (even hourly!).

This ambitious mindset of enjoying the everyday celebrations and moments of happy has motivated Coton Colors to design products that help others join us in our celebratory mission. The Coton Colors Dining & Entertaining Collection is designed with just that in mind. Whether you are setting the table for a dinner party to celebrate a friend or sipping a cup of coffee from a stylish mug, just glad you woke up on the right side of the bed, they help elevate everyday moments with ease. And they look darling in your kitchen and around your home, too!

That’s why we are so excited to be launching the Coton Colors Dining & Entertaining collection in Swoozies stores and online! It's a perfect collision of Swoozies’ mission of “always keeping a little bag of confetti, just in case!” and Coton Colors celebratory mindset. Because you never know when you’ll need to toast to a new milestone or raise a glass because you reached the end of a work week. Because let's face it, today is another reason to celebrate, and that’s reason enough.