We are SO excited to introduce Olivia Rink to our followers – she has been a friend to Swoozie’s for over a year – and we could not be more thankful to feature her as a guest blogger with a super timely article. Don’t know about you all, but we are always looking for better, healthier, easier lunch & snack ideas to combat the workday and mid-morning and afternoon slumps. With August in sight (OMG), too, we are feeling extra motivated to get that new routine underway.

When the new ksny 2016 collection arrived, we knew it was a total match for Olivia’s impeccable style and the recipes and tidbits she is sharing, are perfection. Read on and take note – and if you are not following her already, make sure to follow her blog at Olivia Rink, her IG page (stunning) and her FB page.


How many times have you waited till the last minute to find something to eat for lunch and swung by the drive by window because it’s convenient? If you’re asking me, it’s been a lot more often than it should. I’m WAY better at eating healthy when I plan it out and make an effort in advance to put snacks/meals together for the week. Plus, packing up a lunchbox and bringing it out with me when I leave the house for meetings and things in the city has helped me save money, eat healthier, and guarantee that I never go without snacks throughout the day (avoid getting hangry).

Snacking throughout the day and eating a filling lunch keeps my energy levels up, makes me motivated and focused, and helps me to avoid cravings later in the day. I’m always looking for new snack and lunch ideas to bring with me when I’m out – a good lunch always puts me in a better mood! I’ve gotten into the routine of making some of the same things to take with me when I’m out for the day.

Here are some of my favorite snacks + lunch ideas for on-the-go: