Sugarfina: Candy + Cocktails - YES, Please!

The Swoo Crew loves a good cocktail, which is why we installed a mini-fridge to hold plenty of champs and rose’ for impromptu brainstorming sessions and photo shoots! More importantly, we love discovering new tasty cocktail recipes, particularly during this time of year when the weather is warm and cold cocktails can just hit the spot on a patio or at a party with friends. 

So, let’s just say, when we discovered our fav luxury candy brand, Sugarfina, their cocktail inspired candies were the perfect reason for us to get brainstorming {insert happy hour now!}. 

We set out on a mission to create tasty cocktails that could be paired with these cocktail gummies for the perfect duo to serve at your next adult celebration! We chose four of our favorites and best-selling flavors: Sugarfina’s Bourbon Bears, Rose’ Roses, Bubbly Bears and Peach Bellini, for inspiration to recreate yummy cocktails for your next occasion!

Keep reading how you can bring the WOW factor to your next celebration with delicious cocktails and oh-so irresistible gummies! 




4 dashes Angostura bitters

1 tsp sugar 

1 orange wheel 

1 splash club soda 

2 oz Bourbon of choice 

1. In an Old Fashioned glass, muddle the bitters, sugar, orange wheel, cherry and a splash of soda.

2. Remove the orange rind, add the bourbon and fill with ice.

3. Garnish with a fresh orange wheel and cherry.

Pair with Sugarfina Bourbon Bears

This bourbon gummy is made the highly known, Blanton’s bourbon. The perfect treat for your southern gentlemen! To purchase, click here




2 oz peach nectar 

1 Tbs fresh lemon 

1 oz peach snaps 

3 oz chilled champagne 

1/2 crushed ice 

1. Mix peach nectar, lemon juice, schnapps! 

2. Top with crushed ice 

3. Add bubbly! 

Pair with Sugarfina's Peach Bellini

These hearts taste like peach with a pucker! They included a juicy peach center and are dusted in sweet and sour crystals! To purchase, click here



2 oz chilled champagne of choice 

1 oz pineapple juice 

1 oz coconut water 

Simple syrup / coconut flakes for rimming 

1. Rim glass with simple syrup and then dip into coconut flakes

2. Add pineapple juice and coconut water 

3. Top with bubbly! 

Pair with Sugarfina's Bubbly Bears

These champagne infused gummy bears are dusted in sweet and tart sugar crystal! Perfect for all the champagne lovers out there! Pair them with this tropical drink for the perfect summer bash! To purchase, click here. 



3 oz Rose’ of choice

1/2 Tbs of simple syrup 

2 halved strawberries 

1 lemon wheel 

1 bottle club soda 



Mint Sprigs 

1. Muddle strawberries and lemon in stemless wine glass

2. Add simply syrup and rose’ wine 

3. Fill glass with ice and top with splash of soda water 

4. Add strawberry and mint sprig for garnish! 

Pair with Sugarfina's Sparkling Rose' Bears, Sugarfina's Baby Rose' Bears, or Sugarfina's Rose' all day

But first, rose’! These rosette-shaped gummies are infused with rose’ wine in every bit! 

We hope these cocktails + candies will name you hostess of the year! Click here to shop Sugarfina online now!