Teacher Appreciation Gift Guide

If you have a son or daughter in school, you've surely heard them gush over their favorite teacher from time to time -- and as a parent, you know how wonderful it is to hear your child getting excited about learning. Since they make such a lasting impression on ours and our children's lives, it's important to let our teachers know how much we appreciate them. Fortunately, most schools have instituted Teacher Appreciation Week -- one week designated for showering our favorite teachers with gratitude and gifts for being there for us and our children!

If you're stumped on what to get your child's teacher, look no further. From tote bags and lunch bags to funny note pads and tongue-in-cheek tumblers, Swoozie's has so many great gift ideas for all the teachers on your list! 

Use this gift-guide as inspiration, and head over to swoozies.com for even more ideas. Don't forget: if you shop this week, you'll save 20% when you use the code SWOOSPRING at checkout!